This is one of those massive uploads that will require you to look through my Flickr set to see all the pictures because there are simply too many to post here. I will post some of my favorites here though and will also post up another selection on the a2fBlue blog (those will be combined with everyone else’s photos too).

There are 169 photos up on my Flickr and remember you can always view these in slideshow mode if you want.

And now onto the pictures!

First some pictures of the location…

Gorgeous View

The beach

People Fishing

Now my favorites from people pictures!

Chilling on the sand


Ron Tackles Terry

Ah! I don't want the ball!

Huckleberry... I mean Tim

Billy throws the baseball

Jeff caught it!

I look over and I see Brian Ikkanda eyeing me... so I obliged and took a picture of him

This is so funny. Chris always does that pose when I point a camera at him. Even when he's trying to catch a baseball.

Will Terry and Sam

Cute 1

Cute 2

Cute 6

More Street Musicians

Joy gives Tranee a funny look

Walking back to the beach

Brothers Race

Jumping Silhouettes!

Hubert can fly

Sophomores Jump Picture

Hubert Backflip

Here are some pictures from Tapioca Express…

At Tapioca Express

P. Will and Esther! Disco Style!

Father and Daughter

Lily, Stephanie, and Angel

Hubert. Check out Lily and Cat's faces in the background


Frosh Sisters on the pier

Senior Sisters

Sophomore Sisters: something is really funny

Sophomore Sisters

Freshman and Sophomore Brothers

Senior Brothers

a2f Blue Group Picture at Pacifica

a2fBlue Group Picture inside of Tapioca Express

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