//edit on 6/14/09

I had another go at the Bible Heart picture. Click here for the new ones.

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Mandarin Garden Restaurant. Right next to Ichiban :]

If this picture looks familiar to you, it’s because I took a picture of the Ichiban yesterday.


Vincent and Professor Rhonda Righter discussing the little puzzle sheet thing we got

Group Picture

Bus Ride Home. Stephen talking with Fan and Angel

This has nothing to do with the Bible heart... but it's my IEOR 161 HW which I think is pretty... HAHA

This is my IEOR 161 HW. There’s this one problem that has a lot of algebra (like A LOT, I still haven’t finished it. All that convoluted stuff in the picture is supposed to cancel out to mu_1 which is ridiculous I don’t know how it’s going to happen). Anyway I thought it looked pretty so I took a picture of it.

Aaah Crooked!

External Flash with an Off-Camera Cord

Holding the speedlite over the UV filter

The heart came out well but the angle that I took the shot in is pretty useless. And the UV filter is too big. I need to do this with a ring.

IIE held a Student Faculty Banquet today and I attended because Angel told me to. HAHA. Nah, I was going to go anyway, so yeah. It was pretty cool. I ate with Professor Righter at my table along with Vincent and Min. I met some new people, which is always good. I also discovered that the person who I thought was maybe my CalSO conselor for a very long time was indeed my CalSO counselor (she was at the table too).

Anyway after I got back home, I felt like I hadn’t taken enough pictures so I fiddled around with my camera for a bit before deciding to attempt the Bible Heart picture which has grown so popular lately. It’s actually a lot harder to do than I thought (especially when you don’t have a stand for the flash and you don’t have someone else to hold the flash for you). I don’t have a ring on me so I used a UV filter. Hopefully over the summer I can borrow one of my sister’s or my mom’s rings and get a better rendition. I also have to choose an appropriate Bible passage to be displayed.