I had another go at the Bible Heart picture but this time with a tripod to properly hold the flash so that I could get consistent lighting and a ring instead of a UV filter.

This was my intial set up. I changed it a little bit later on but this is basically what it looked like.



I used all manual settings to see where the shadow was going at first. I ended up using some really weird settings though. I was at like f20 for aperture, which I never do and you can see that everything is in focus basically AHHA.

Aaah finally got the heart as I wanted it to look! The first picture is what the shadow looks like from above (obviously distorted); it’s that way because John 3:16 is more to the end of the Bible and the page heights are different. Then I had to play around with what angle to shoot from to get rid of the distortion. After I figured that out…it was time to change some settings and ring placement. I then reverted to f2.8 so that I could pick and choose what’s in focus.

Here’s an intial shot I took with the ring in focus. It doesn’t have much meaning to it though.

Here’s one of the final pictures. I made the ring out of focus on purpose and then focused on the word “loved.”

Then I really wanted a picture from that top view perspective so then I turned to the middle of the Bible and took another couple of pics.

Here’s the one I chose for the final for that.

And another angle.

Another picture of the setup.

Another picture of the ring. Pretty blue!

It’s nice using a tripod.

Playing with backlighting a bit. My face is lit with natural lighting from the window. Yes, I need to cut my hair.

Messy Desk.

That’s all for today!