Got back from acts2fellowship Connect at UC Riverside. We were there from Monday to Sunday helping out a2f Riverside.

Here are some highlights through pictures as usual. The rest are on this set. I’ve also uploaded to Facebook, which I usually don’t like to do, but I did on a whim this time around. Anyhow, what follows is a quick summary of what I did there.

Quick tour then hit up dining halls. Prep work at Hack. More dining halls. Stayed over at Black Oak for the night. Helped organize ride assignments. No real pics from the day.

Morning tabling and flyering. Orientation at Mandarin Garden with Berkeley and Austin people arriving. Flex time. Meet & Greet. Dinner at Pho Vi Nam with Mike and Josh. Stayed over at Abe’s.

acts2fellowship table near the bell tower. free donuts!

Mike flyering for a2f Welcome Night.


Orientation: role playing–introducing ourselves to riverside students.

Meet & Greet. a2f riverside regular members meet with the a2f connect team.

Meet & Greet.

Krn bbq tacos. Ice cream social. Skit practice. Setup for reset. Reset. Fail at getting into SRC.

Krn bbq tacos welcome team.

Games off to the side to win some prizes.

Ice Cream Social.

Good conversation? Hope so :D

People waiting for RESET to start.

Praise band doing a final run through.

The mask skit.

(Lizzie and) Kevin read his testimony. Steve gave the talk.

That is all for now. I will put up a second post with pictures from Thursday to Sunday later.